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Injustice and Oppression

  In times of injustice remember the justice of Allah with you and when you are powerful [recall] the power of Allah over you   Beware of oppression for verily it brings [divine] retribution dispels blessings and causes changes in circumstances Distance yourselves from injustice for indeed it is the g ... Read More

A Russian writer speaks about President Putin"s benefitting from Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb"s letters Read More

A Russian writer speaks about President Putin"s benefitting from Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb"s letters

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Imam Ali (as) Not Only a warrior But also a Philosopher

 The 21st of Ramadan every year observed as the martyrdom anniversary day of man for whom the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said “You are my brother in this world and hereafter”. I am talking about the most talked-about personality (after Prophet Mohammad PBUH) of the Islamic world Ali Ibn Abi Talib (AS). An ... Read More

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Imam Ali -- The Hero of Islam

 In Medina the Holy Prophet (s) was forced to defend himself and his followers and was thus forced to face many battles. At each and every battle Imam Ali (a) was the hero. And it was he who fought single-handedly with famous warriors of Arabia defeated the enemies and brought victory to Islam. Records of these b ... Read More

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Spirits Sermon (Describing the Heaven)

  3. Describing the Heaven: He has organized the openings of its walls without the suspension and welding cracks of its deviation and entwined between its pairs. He facilitates the way for those who come down by His order and those who go up with the deeds of His creatures. He has facilitated the way for those w ... Read More

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What Orientalist Major Price Said About Imam Ali

  In his book Memoirs of the Principal Events of Muhammadan History Major Price observed: His virtues and extraordinary qualities have been the subject of voluminous panegyrics and his war-like exploits from his youth upwards have been particularly celebrated in the Khawer Nama a poem well-known in the E ... Read More

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Lessons from the Life of Imam Ali ( on daily life)

  Have open clear and regular communication   Treat others with respect and forgive their slips and flaws whether they were made intentionally or out of neglect.   Create a positive environment for others.   Stay away from negative people who only seek out the fl ... Read More

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What happened during the night of the wound of Imam Ali?

 During that month of Ramadhan Imam Ali (peace be upon him) was alternately going to the houses of his children and that of `Abdullah ibn Ja’far to break his fasts. His appetite had gone down very much and he used to take only a few morsels of food. When asked about it he would say: “I wish that when m ... Read More